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" Kimiya Pakhsh Shargh .co " was inaugurated in 2001 as an Iranian distributing company in Tehran, Iran by virtue of having high-educated and competent staff along with adequate pecuniary capability, and by now it has been prevailed to establish a proximate relationship and correlative cooperation with global manufacturer companies in fields of Medical Equipments, NDT and Pharmaceuticals along with supplying indigenous fair .
KPS is expressly stimulated in importing sphere in addition to distribution of commodities since 2001 in field of Radio Pharmaceuticals, Radio immunoassay kits (RIA – IRMA) & ELISA diagnostic Kits, Material and equipments for medical laboratories (depending on orders), Medical Equipment such as EMG and EEG instrument and accessories, NDT equipment (RT, UT, ET, MT and …), Radiography Industrial sources and Nuclear Medicine to centers all over the country including Industrial Radiography centers, diagnostic laboratories, medical centers, nuclear medicine centers and etc.
Generally KPS includes beneath segments;
- Radio Isotopes (2001-present)
Remarkable achievement: sole supplier of TC99 Generators in whole country (2012-early 2014)
Main products: radio pharmaceuticals for SPECT, radio pharmaceuticals for PET, radio nuclide for industrial usage.
Representing following companies: Polatom, Izotop, Monrol, Kvant
- Laboratory Equipments (2001-present)
Remarkable achievement: providing 70 % of Radio Immunoassay kits of market
Main products: Radio immunoassay kits (RIA – IRMA) & ELISA diagnostic Kits and units
Representing following companies: Izotop, Audit, Cormay
- Non Destructive Testing (NDT) (2008-present)
Remarkable achievement: supplying 65% of NDT equipments and solutions of market
Main products: UT and RT and phased array equipments, X-ray systems, industrial films and sprays, Portable Metal Analyser devices, developer and fixer solutions and etc.
Representing following companies: Cpac, Huatec, Flow supplies, Magnaflux, Kodak, Olympus and …
- Medical Equipments (2010-present)
Remarkable achievement: supplying 15% of Medical equipments of market (over 100 installed devices all over the country including reputable university centers)
Main products: EEG, EMG, Biofeedback and etc.
Representing following companies: Micromed, Elmiko, Spes, Dixi
- Nuclear Medicine (2013-present)
Main products: PET, Cyclotron, Radiation Oncology System and accessories, Imaging System and accessories and etc.
Representing following companies: Radiation Product Design inc. (RPD), IBA in addition to over 10 other companies that currently we are negotiating with them.
- Pharmaceuticals (2014-present)
Our Pharmaceuticals section has started working since the beginning of 2014 by effort and attempt of experienced doctors and pharmacists. The most important aim of such group was providing health care and preventing drug shortage specifically in field of Oncology in various forms including vials and syringes. In addition to importing Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients; in order to be supplied to manufacturers in the whole country. In this regard our experts and sophisticated scientific consultants have prepared a plan as the main road map of this group in which we would like to proceed contract manufacturing by well-known companies to transfer their technologies to Iran simultaneously. After one-two years contract manufacturing we would become able to produce most demanded pharmaceuticals in our own well-equipped manufacturing site located in Zanjan.
On the other hand, any export opportunity would be welcomed by our company as we have already planned for exporting finished products with our own brand to neighbor countries.
All in all, we are trying so hard to develop each day and expand our products basket in order to cover most needed drugs in the country.
- Technical Inspection (2013-present)
This segment has been established for managing and performing technical inspection and NDT operation, quality control of projects, heat treatment implementation besides supplying required equipments and industrial sources and etc. all these activities have been performed by experienced and professional experts and supervisors in field of radiography (Gamma and X method), ultrasonic and advanced ultrasonic inspection, PT/MT method of inspection plus VT and MFL handy.
- After Sales Services (2013-present)
Simultaneously as ISO 2008-9001 has been performing in our company; by aiming to reach customers satisfaction and to pursue providing services to centers and customers; after sales service crew start working more professionally and seriously. Now we would proudly announce that by covering every segment in KPS; our after sales services engineers provide below items:
Installation and training, quality control, repairing, convincing customers,24 hours every 7 days a week support by internet or phone, customers satisfaction pursuance, holding technical training courses for all personnel of the firm and etc.
KPS is thrilled having sophisticated and seasoned workforce and its reputation is founded on the ability to deliver services comparable in standard to be obtained to the world, besides expanding its commercial targets and be engrossed on principals to cite an instance; empirical promotional, consumer-based manner, veracity and transparency hence KPS has set itself the task of ensuring clients to meet their supposition, and is glad to inform that remarkable share of target markets has been possessed by this company through accredited importing goods and offering services.
It is noteworthy to mention that , in order to approach to above intentions , our company has been delineated upon matrix manner , which means that all mentioned sales and service plus our commercial and financial departments ( section ) is commanded by an independent masterly manager with the masterly experts , upon this , it could be claimed that , the company possess an independent effective sections & specialists within Its activity area which are also responding to buyers & seller , as well as the leading of marketing process and sales issue .
We proudly keep you informed that according to our achieved short – term and middle – term strategies; after-sales services as well as maintenance is being done right now in Iran through the collaboration with manufacturing companies and spare – parts suppliers under their brand and certification.
Kimiya Pakhsh Shargh co. is extremely and hopefully striving to reach to a moderate market also to meet the customers expectation more & more upon considering the target principals and strategy , and it will welcome all the colleagues and friends in this way so warmly .

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